About Crafted Wood

A Passion for Wood Grown over Generations

WHO ARE WEFor the Love of Wood

Crafted Wood is a local handmade wooden toys, play furniture, and home decoration local artisanal manufacturer. There is nothing more invigorating to the senses than the touch of natural wood or pleasing to the eye than the organic wavy designs created over decades by mother nature. With a keen eye for detail, Christian Geyer, sources local wood for his unique creations giving each piece a distinct character that will never date.

Christian Geyer


Woodcraft ProcessFrom Imagination to Creation

Our process is very simple, we touch, feel and smell the wood and get inspired to create new toys, timeless home decorations and functional educational play furniture. Hours are spent on the drawing board to give a new form to each piece of wood with minimum wastage and mainly to highlight all the various textures of the wood itself. Crafted Wood is all about celebrating wood in all its natural glory. That is why all of our products have a unique look.


In-House Design and Production Process


01. Sketching & Design

Every product is designed and sketched in-house.


02.Material Selection

We carefully pick and choose the right wood colour and texture most applicable to the design.


03. CAD CAM Production

Using the latest CAD CAM workflows we design and produce all of our products in house ensuring the highest level of quality.


Sustainable ManufacturingLooking After Our Planet

Most timbers we use for building toys are either off-cuts or recycled/up-cycled from previous furniture. The natural branches and logs that we use are collected on bush walks or given to us by local community members.
Because we care for the environment and health of anyone interacting with our products, we only use natural oils and waxes (eg food-grade orange oil or natural tung oil) to finish our creations. This keeps your home clean and healthy and lowers the footprint on our planet.

Woodcraft FamilyBringing a Family Trade Back to Life

Christian’s father, grandfather and even great grandfather all worked with wood, dating back to the time when people still had carts and horses as preferred choice of transportation. In fact Christian’s great grandfather was building real wooden carts. Following the German saying “Der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm” Christian’s followed his ancestors footprints and took on woodwork in recent years!

shadow board - crafted wood

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