A Journey of Discovery

Crafted Wood

Inspiring Play to Nurture Learning

At Crafted Wood, our journey is inspired by ‘the players’ – primarily children, and their journey of discovery.​

We foster this journey through the use of appealing tactile materials for important sensory experiences and by offering opportunities to interact with and change their learning environments.​

Crafted Quality

Crafted Quality

Australian-made and Owned

While the primary focus of our designs is on the child, we always also consider the needs of those entrusted with their care and development.  We take great pride in producing high quality play furniture that is:

  • Designed & manufactured in Australia
  • Built with timber grown in plantations that fulfill the internationally accepted criteria for sustainable forest management. The timber we use is certified under the Responsible Wood (RW) system and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC).
  • Finished with water-based coatings that are exceptionally durable, providing a long-lasting finish & low VOC’s.

Crafted Play

360° Design: For Play & Learning

We look at play & learning from every angle – our play furniture is thoughtfully designed to enhance play & learning opportunities, to provide best value for money while ensuring maximal:

  • safety,
  • functionality,
  • durability,
  • versatility,
  • engagement,
  • development,
  • & most importantly, fun
Crafted Play

A Family of Companies Dedicated to Play

Crafted Wood was acquired by Nature Play Solutions in late 2022.  The indoor play furniture available through Crafted Wood complements the outdoor play equipment available through their lyPa brand.  The acquisition of Crafted Wood has helped Nature Play Solutions further pursue their stated company purpose, being:

Play is an essential part of life – we exist to provide play opportunities for everyone.

Nature Play Solutions

Key Players Behind Crafted Wood

Christian Geyer

Christian Geyer

Product and Business Developer

Christian was born in Germany, growing up in a family of woodworkers that dates back three generations. After migrating to Australia in early 2000, he grew his passion for woodwork, mainly designing open-ended wooden toys. As a result, he founded Crafted Wood – a brand that was soon well-known for its unique range of wooden toys and play furniture.

His passion for including natural shapes and forms into everyday play and the multifunctional aspects of furniture can be seen and explored in every piece he designs.

Emma Lawrence

Occupational Therapist

Emma is one of four children who grew up with endless opportunities for play!  She and her husband have four of their own children, who are now teenagers and beyond.  She has a passion for maximising children’s opportunities for learning and development.  She has been working with Nature Play Solutions for the last 11 years, and loves using her knowledge about the ‘occupation of play’ in helping to design and create outdoor play environments which enhance children’s development, and is now excited that Crafted Wood has joined the company and to be working with Christian in developing indoor products.

Emma Lawrence