About Crafted Wood

Building the Wooden Toys for Your Child's Free Play

I craft and design classic wooden toys that are simple and inspired by nature. I often use branch wood, tree bark, different types of gum nuts or even thick slabs of rough sawn timber.

Combining these natural wooden materials creates toys with a unique look and feel.

The developmental benefit for children playing with natural wooden toys is huge. It gives them space for imagination while at the same time they can reconnect with nature through touching naturally formed shapes.

For example through this imagination lumps in a branch become human faces or a dead piece of wood sticking out of a branch can be seen as a handle to hold a toy. Furthermore the rough and uneven edges of my toys are especially designed to be perceived by touch and feel.

Many of my toys are inspired by the Steiner curriculum and are commonly used in Waldorf schools and households.

Looking After Our Planet

Most timbers I use for building toys are either off-cuts or recycled/upcycled from previous furniture.

The natural branches and logs that I use are collected on bush walks or given to me by friends.

All of my products are finished using only natural oils (eg linseed, tung oil or hemp oil) or beeswax. This keeps your home clean and healthy and lowers the footprint on our planet.

Free play with handmade toys
Toby Claypot's Wishing Well (Rainbow's End) by Jane Patience, John Patience

A Little Bit About Me

I grew up in Germany and moved to Australia 15 years ago. As a child, I spent a lot of time in a traditional wood workshop.

My father, grandfather and even great grandfather all worked with wood, dating back to the time when people still had carts and horses as preferred choice of transportation. In fact my great grandfather was building real wooden carts. Following the German saying "Der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm" I also took on wood work in recent years!

When I am building toys, I feel like I am sitting in Toby Claypot’s workshop in Rainbow's End; sharpening tools on a wet stone, getting the hand tools ready to work with wooden branches and logs while my children watch me.

However my workshop is not carved into a tree trunk in Dreamland's forest but is a small simple setup located in the suburbs of Perth/Australia.