House on Wheels

A moveable cubby house for child care, early learning centers and home.

Endless Play for Inside and Outside

The house on wheels is a movable cubby house that can be used in many fun ways. It can be opened easily with large doors and children can go in and out easily. A large window with shutters can be utilized as a shopfront. The large wheels in the front and the swivel castors allow it to be moved around inside as well as outside. Small detachable wooden window sills can be used as a fun detail for children’s creative play.

House on Wheels
house on wheels

Benefits & Features

  • Open-ended Play: The House on Wheels can be used by children in many ways: Ice cream shop, rail way carriage, puppet show, hide-a-away etc
  • Portable: Due to its solid castors and wheels the House on Wheels can be moved around easily. On rainy days it can be played with insides on sunny days like autumn it can be moved outside
  • Quite Space: In large groups often some children need perhaps a rest. The house on wheels can be wrapped up with sheets allowing children for breathing out time when inside.
  • COVID-19 Measure: Easier handling of potentially COVID infected or sick children in groups. Due to its open and fun design sick children won’t feel excluded or left out. Used in combination with mattresses and blankets sick children will welcome the opportunity to have a rest and recover.
  • Quality that Lasts: The House in Wheels is manufactured in a our state of the art facility in Bibra Lake/WA. Using only quality material and machinery we can guarantee a long lasting product that is safe and fun for children to use.
  • Measurements: Height 1.1m, Length:1.1m, Width: 60cm

Book a Free Demo

If you are interested to see the House on Wheels in action in your childcare centre or early learning centre please fill out the form below and book a no-obligation free demo.

    house on wheels


    Prices start from $1799 including GST. The House on Wheels can be customized as well to suit your needs. Please contact us with requirements.

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