Log Ramp

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$340.00 + GST

Our log ramp brings the outdoors indoors. Though it can’t replace the wonderful opportunity of climbing a tree, it can be a scaffolding opportunity, starting to build competence at navigating uneven surfaces with varied textures.

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Our selection of ramps can bring various play furniture together in whatever way a child wishes, creating a playground inside your room or center. Our ramps can be safely attached to various play furniture, such as the Cubby Treehouse, Play Chairs, Caravan and Log Step.

Our safe and secure attachment design on either end of the ramp is located underneath each ramp, so the prominent playing and walking surface is free of additional tripping hazards.

Log Ramp

Our log ramp features natural logs and branches securely attached to the walking surface. All logs are sanded smoothly, so no sharp or rough edges are exposed to little feet and hands.


  • 18mm hoop pine plywood
  • Water-based coating, environmentally friendly and low in VOCs
  • Locally sourced branches and logs securely attached to the ramp and sanded smoothly

Dimensions: 120cm (l) x 30cm (w) x 5cm (h)

children holding log ramp

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