Log Tumbler

Item Code: W002303

$135.00 + GST

Children can watch and observe how small branch discs tumble around freely while they are turning the disc. The tumbler wheel invites children to gaze and relax.

The branch discs are hand sanded and placed safely behind acrylic.


The unique disc-hook attachment design allows children to move the tumbler wheel around and attach it freely to slots, edges, and holes in our range of furniture, such as the play caravan, treehouse cubby, playstand, and even chairs! Highly versatile and very satisfying to spin the tumbler wheel and watch the mini-logs cascading over each other.


  • 24mm Hoop Pine plywood
  • hand sanded branch discs
  • 3mm green tick acrylic glass (made from 50% recycled plastic)

Dimensions: 20cm (diameter) x 7.5cm (d)

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