Log Wheel

Item Code: W002314

$75.00 + GST

Our Log Wheel allows children to explore raw timber logs’ beauty and tactile sensation while spinning and playing with them on our play furniture.


Due to its easy attachment design and mechanism, children can freely move the Log Wheel around and use it in their imaginative play. The log discs have been hand sanded carefully to allow for safe play while exploring the detailed textural surface of natural wood and bark.

Our Log Wheels can be freely attached to parts of the Caravan, Treehouse Cubby, Playstands and even our Play Chairs!


  • Disc made from locally sourced tree logs
  • Attachment component made from 18mm and 12m hoop pine plywood
  • Water-based coating, environmentally friendly and low in VOCs

Please note that we are handcrafting our log wheels from various tree species; therefore, the appearance may vary from the product photos.

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